DigitalBerg launches DaaS across Europe and Russia

Digitalberg has launched a cloud-based DaaS (Desktop as a Service) across data centers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Riga and Moscow to enhance work process with improved continuity and security. Now customers’ software and applications can be stored and processed remotely on demand, regardless of the geographical or organizational boundaries, creating a complete mobile workplace and ultimate user experience from anywhere in the world.

The solution is created with an additional functionality, allowing companies to run typical software and programs (such as Microsoft, e-mails, browsers, different files, multimedia folders, etc.) from any device, and not remove the need for extra spending on employee training. Through DaaS, companies can raise availability of their data and security level, thus reducing investments and optimizing expenditures. Digitalberg customers can choose virtual desktop environments closer to their businesses in Digitlberg data centers across Europe – London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Riga or Moscow.


“DaaS virtual environments and desktops have the huge advantage of being user-friendly and familiar interfaces – all software, programs and their functions are the same as on a standard office computer,”comments Digitalberg CEO QQ. “The cloud has become an integral part of the business world, and recently we have been deploying new cloud-based solutions as backup (Backup as a Service) and virtual desktop (Desktop as a Service) for our customers as fully-adapted and inalienable tools to help organize their daily work.”

DaaS’ wide functionality makes it useful for companies of all sizes regardless of their budget, geographical location or number of employees. The solution provides the ultimate user experience for employees when working offsite or travelling, allowing them to access their corporate environment from the most convenient place for them. Companies can now take control over the desktop environment even on the BYOD principle (Bring Your Own Device), which was previously impossible due to security concerns.

Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a convenient solution for a safe remote work from any device, using any software or program to access data, located in a virtual desktop. You can access remote desktops from a variety of devices: PC, personal laptops, smartphones, tablets or thin clients (terminals). Wide functionality of DaaS makes it available for companies of all sizes regardless of their budget, geographical location or number of employees.

All software, programs and data are available on demand in a secure Digitalberg cloud across the Europe – in Digitalberg data centers located in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Riga and Moscow. Data is protected against breaches, and can be easily accessed even if device is lost or broken. Companies can now work on the BYOD (Bring your own device) principle, which was a hard task before due to the security concerns. Virtual desktops are equipped with the firewall and antivirus software.

Price linked calculator 

No. User type vCPU RAM (GB) HDD (GB) GPU GBP/per month, without VAT*
1 Standard 1 2 10 Software 48.00
2 Expanded 4 4 50 Shared K1 55.00
3 Designer 4 8 100 K1 Core 75.00
4 Designer (expanded) 8 16 200 K2 Core 153.00
5 Individual Upon request

*Price per 1 user

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Technical specification   

User device support

  • Desktops / laptops (Windows, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, MAC OSX, Linux)
  • Tablets (iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows 8.1 RT, and Microsoft Windows 8.1)
  • Thin clients (Thin clients running Linux, ThinOS or Microsoft Windows Embedded supported)
  • Smartphones (Receiver for Android, IOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8)

Architecture and operational systems

  • Intel (CPU)
  • HP (Servers, Storage 3Par), Dell (Servers)
  • NVIDIA (3D accelerators for desigers – GRID K1/K2)
  • Citrix (Cloud Platform – XenDesktop)
  • Microsoft (Operating System, Office)
  • Autodesk (Autocad LT, Autocad)
  • Symantec (Antivirus)
  • Other (Libre Office, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat)